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Workshop program below!

At LREC 2018, we have two workshops focusing on multimodal interaction in real-life situations. To welcome participants in broader research areas and promote more lively discussion, we have decided to jointly organize these two workshops.

The focus of the joint workshop is on “multimodal interaction, using both language and body, in real-life situations”. See the web sites of the respective workshops for more details.


14:00-14:05 Opening
14:05-15:25 Language and Body in Real Life I
LBRL Hanae Koiso, Yasuyuki Usuda, Haruka Amatani, Yoshiko Kawabata, and Yasuharu Den Design and Preliminary Analysis of the Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversation
LBRL Hiroko Tokunaga, Masaki Shuzo, and Naoki Mukawa Preliminary Analyses of Spatial Positions of Poster Session Audience and Their Joining in/Leaving Behaviors
LBRL Mizuki Koda Language and Body as Resources for Distributing Orientation: The Organization of Participation in Leaving the Ongoing Conversation
LBRL Rui Sakaida and Yasuharu Den Sitting Down and Standing Up as Resources for Reorganization of Participation Framework: Analysis of Preparatory Meeting for Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival
15:30-16:30 Poster Session (including Coffee Break)
LBRL Emanuela Cresti, Lorenzo Gregori, Massimo Moneglia, and Alessandro Panunzi The Language into Act Theory: A Pragmatic Approach to Speech in Real-Life
LBRL Hajime Murai Factor Analysis of Japanese Daily Utterance Styles
LBRL Yasuyuki Yoshida, Takuichi Nishimura, and Kristiina Jokinen Biomechanics for Understanding Movements in Daily Activities
LBRL Yasuharu Den F-formation and Social Context: How Spatial Orientation of Participants’ Bodies is Organized in the Vast Field
MMC Patrizia Paggio and Costanza Navarretta Temporal Coordination of Facial Expressions and Head Movements in First Encounter Dialogues
MMC Soumia Dermouche and Catherine Pelachaud Expert-Novice Interaction: Annotation and Analysis
16:30-16:50 Language and Body in Real Life II
LBRL Saori Daiju and Ono Yoshi Studying Japanese Distal Demonstrative `are’ Using Video Corpus
16:50-17:50 Multimodal Corpora
MMC Ingo Siegert, Julia Kr├╝ger, Olga Egorow, Jannik Nietzold, Ralph Heinemann, and Alicia Lotz Voice Assistant Conversation Corpus (VACC): A Multi-Scenario Dataset for Addressee Detection in Human-Computer-Interaction using Amazon ALEXA
MMC Justine Reverdy, Akira Hayakawa, and Carl Vogel Alignment in a Multimodal Interlingual Computer-Mediated Map Task Corpus
MMC Kristiina Jokinen Conversational Gaze Modelling in First Encounter Robot Dialogues
17:50-18:00 Closing

Papers indicated as `LBRL’ are those accepted for Language and Body in Real Life workshop

Papers indicated as `MMC’ are those accepted for Multimodal Corpora 2018 workshop